Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Wanna See?

My Messy Bench?
I clean it a lot, I really do, but my bench is my sketchbook, and I work furiously on it everyday, so it gets messy really quickly!
Right now I am working on a Temple necklace for a very nice lady. She is going to give it to her best friend. Isn't that nice? I love making pretty things for friends. I'm making pretty things for several of MY friends right now for Christmas. Some are gifts from me, some are from husbands and boyfriends, one is for MY best friend! In these trying times, I always can sit down at my messy bench and forget about everything for a little while.
I'm glad my bench is messy. It means I'm using it to its fullest potential. Does that mean my brain is messy too? Or could it be messier? HMMMMMMMM......
I had a friend come over the other day, and she got sucked into my bench. Not ONCE did she say "Geez! You're really messy!" or "don't you ever clean?!" Nope... She said "what this you're working on?" and "OOOH, I love that stone!" and this is going to be really cool!" she made my day!
Is YOUR bench messy?


Walk in the Woods said...

I gotta tell ya - I LOVE your workbench!

As for me ... my dispensary worktable, my dining table, my coffee table and even my bedside table are all "work" stations for me in a perpetual state of dynamic creation ... somewhere between/within/around a state of tidy-n-mess!


JMW Jewelry said...

Hey Cristina, I was wondering, when you say you work for other jeweler's as well as yourself, what do you mean?

Cristina Hurley Jewelry Design said...

Hi There... when I say I work for others, I mean I get contracted work from other metalsmiths/goldsmiths that need help making their jewelry. I also make a whole line by hand for a lady who does not have any jewelry training at all, whatsoever... I make ALL of it. It's basically freelancing.

StarbuckBitch said...

i love your messy brain and your messy bench, both are fabulous! Mine was always a mass of stones when I was working, I thought it ws kind of pretty:-)

word verification was: pusness....one with much pussines?

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