Thursday, September 17, 2009

My new idea/collection is on track!

As I always love to say, I've been chained to my bench lately. Not physically of course, just metaphorically, working away at all my commisions and projects. What I'm also doing is trying to bang out a few new designs.collections for the holiday season, and this is one of them.

I've always loved fluffy fuzzy soft things, whatever they may be, anything in nature that had some sort of tactile feature that made them touchable and fun. Like a rabbit ear- you know, those plants with fuzzy leaves on them. Don't get me wrong actual rabbit ears are cool, but those leaves are SO cool My daughter and I stop and feel everytime we see them.
I also love all the feathers i find on my morning walks. I don't keep them, but i almost always pick them up and feel them. This inspired my new collection. I hought, "how would one actually feel a piece of jewelry?" Now I'm sure many successful artists have pondered this question, and made wonderful pieces, with texture and bumps and whatnot. I wanted fuzzy jewelry that wasn't silly.
So I think I came up with a successful solution and I am very happy with the results. With the thread, I can do any colors that i want, and i hope as I go that they become more elaborate and rich with varying colors, like a Monet, or a Vangoh. I love color too and I've always wanted it to be rich in my work but not with an abundance of beads, and I'm not a very good enameler, so that was out.

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Brandon said...

Very cool and different!!

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