Monday, November 22, 2010

A Mess of Rings

A Mess of Rings!


Cristina Hurley

I love to make all styles of jewelry, but one of the styles I love to make the most is rings. Rings

are like sunglasses; even if you are a conservative dresser, you can wear a ring

that stands out for that extra bit of flair you might want to express, without getting to wacky.

they can be super simple, or totally outlandish. They can mean nothing, or everything to the wearer.

I am making a ton of rings right now. I noticed when I saw this mess of them on my bench.

Enjoy the process!

Drilling to set stones

Hammering a ring to the right size.

Forming a ring to shut the seam.

Filing a setting.

sanding the inside of a band.

Thats me with all my rings! :)

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